You can sell wall art. Lots of it.

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You offer wall art. But do you sell it?

Let's put wall art on more than just your price list. Let's put it on your clients' walls.

Show me this wizardry!

Upload Photos

Can you drag and drop?

Just drag and drop to upload your photos to Swift Galleries. Or you can click, if you're into that kind of thing.

Safe and secure

We'll store your high resolution photos on our secure servers and do some behind-the-scenes wizardry to keep them away from prying eyes and safe from being downloaded.

Available anywhere, anytime.

Effortlessly switch from laptop to desktop to tablet without ever having to sync a thing. We'll keep everything safe and ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

Design Galleries

Perfectly sized

Clients think the Swift Galleries designer is magic. With just a couple of clicks, they'll see exactly what their images will look like, on their own walls, at exactly the right size, on any wall art product you offer.

Point. Click. Profit.

Designing galleries is as simple as pointing and clicking. You'll have incredible, perfectly-sized galleries created in mere minutes.

Our place or theirs?

Show your clients exactly what their photos will look like in their own home by uploading and calibrating their room photo. Don't have access to their room? No problem, use one of our beautiful stock room photos.

More than a pretty face

Behind that beautiful, intuitive interface is a lean, mean gallery-designing beast. You'll love how blazing fast and surprisingly powerful Swift Galleries is, considering it'll take you just a few minutes to learn.

Sell your galleries, your way

Don't just design. Sell.

Swift Galleries was built from the ground, up, to do one thing and do it better than anyone else - sell your work as wall art. We're constantly analyzing, testing and refining you and your clients' experience to bring you more sales, with less work, without you feeling like a salesperson.

No more revisions

Swift Galleries is the only wall gallery design and sales tool that allows you to work collaboratively with your client, so they can make changes and order exactly what they want. Don't worry though, you'll still be able to approve everything before you send it off to print.

Sell your way

Whether you sell in-person, online, shoot and burn or even do destination weddings and events, Swift Galleries will fit seamlessly into your workflow. So keep using the process you're comfortable with, we'll fit right in.

It's your money, not ours

Set your own prices, choose your own products to sell and, most importantly, keep all of your money. We don't collect a penny in commissions.

100% Free. No credit card required.

All yours for 14 days.

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no commitments. No credit card. No, really.

"My first sale to a client using Swift Galleries was $1500 - in my area, that's a nice sale, and Swift Galleries made it so easy for my client and me to visualize what their canvas ensemble would look like... in their own home! Clients are always impressed when I tell them about it, and even more impressed when they actually see it. Thank you, Swift Galleries, for an amazing product with a nice price!"

- Tanya H., Rochester, nh

Everything you need to rock your In-Person Sales meetings (and none of that junk you don't need).

We've taken our shamelessly simple approach to online wall art sales and brought it to those who sell their work in-person with our In-Person Sales mode. Designed from the ground up to specifically serve In-Person Sales photographers, our IPS mode will take the focus off of your technology and put it where it belongs... on your photos.

Present all of your client's images in a slideshow.

Sell more than wall art by adding line items at checkout.

Add your IPS meetings directly to your calendar of choice.

Cull your yes's and no's with the tap of a key.

Hide prices within the Designer, to keep the focus on your photos.

Offer discounts on-the-fly during checkout.

Change your business (without changing a thing)

You shouldn't have to overhaul your business just to use a new tool. So... don't.

In-Person Sales? We've got that.

Look like the pro you are while designing, presenting and selling wall art with our fast, intuitive and beautiful interface and customizable In-Person Sales mode.

Sell online? No problem!

Help your clients visualize exactly what their photos will look like, at the right size, in their own home and watch your online sales skyrocket.

Shoot and Burn. We've got your back.

You shoot and burn for the speed and convenience. Design some galleries in the time it takes to burn a disc or upload photos for wall art sales that are equally fast and easy (and much more profitable).

Destination photographer? Let's do this!

Selling wall art has always been difficult when your clients live half a world away. Now you can provide an in-person wall art sales experience, no matter where your clients live.

Sell anything.

Not a fan of canvas? Clients just can't get enough of your acrylic prints? Fancy yourself some metal prints? Or maybe you prefer the refined and traditional framed and matted print.

No matter your product preference, Swift Galleries has you covered with the ability to create your own custom product types so you can sell only the products you and your clients love (at exactly the right size).

Nothing new to buy or learn

Don't break the bank buying new stuff. Use the desktop, laptop or tablet you already have.

Use what you have

Design on your desktop, sell on your tablet and check out your latest sales stats on your phone while on the go. Swift Galleries makes it absolutely painless to use whatever device you want, without ever having to sync a thing.

On your platform of choice

There's no Android version, Apple version or Windows version. There's just Swift Galleries. And it'll play nicely on whatever platform you prefer.

100% Free. No credit card required.

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no commitments. No credit card. No, really.

Shamelessly simple

Because you shouldn't have to have a PhD to sell wall art.

The features you need, and nothing else.

Get up and running in minutes, not weeks.

Stress-free for you and your clients to use.

Just point, click and... well, that's it.

No overwhelming learning curve.

Beautiful, modern, clean and intuitive.

Works with your current business workflow.

Works with the stuff you already own.

"I'm finally feeling confident about selling wall art to clients because I can actually show them how awesome it will look on their walls! I'm feeling so confident in fact that I'm redesigning my website to market myself as a wall gallery photographer...and I have Swift Galleries to thank for this!"

- Amanda w., Seattle, WA

What's a "revision"?

Buh-bye back-and-forth of constant revisions. Hello, collaboration.

How you're currently doing it.
How you could be doing it.

The Wall Art Sales Blueprint

The definitive guide to designing and selling wall art. (And it's free).

The Free Guide Includes:

30+ pages of wall gallery sales tips, tricks and strategies.

??+ pages of wall gallery design tips.

??+ page primer on wall art product types including style, print quality, pros and cons and much more.

A full list of suggested wall art products to start with if you're brand new to selling wall art. This will tell you exactly what to sell, where to have it printed and which options you should choose.

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The Wall Art Sales Blueprint

The definitive guide to designing and selling wall art. (And it's free).

The 50+ Page Free Guide Includes:

Choosing the best space, images and layouts for your galleries.

Wall gallery ideas and inspiration for every room in the house.

How to properly set client expectations for wall art sales

Practical tips for pricing your work

Avoiding the #1 sales killer

Advice for showing off your wall art

Making it simple for clients to say "yes!"

How to shoot for the wall

Following through on wall art sales

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Everything you need to know. And so much more.

The Swift Galleries Academy will teach you exactly how to use Swift Galleries to create beautiful galleries for your clients. But that's just the beginning. We'll bring our knowledge from hundreds of thousands of dollars in photography sales to teach you exactly how to sell your work and how to do it without feeling like a salesperson. And it's all included with your Swift Galleries membership.

Simple wall art sales. Everywhere.

Live in the UK, but want to sell to Australians? Need your canvases in Inches, but your framed prints in Centimeters? It's now easier than ever to put your work on your clients' walls, no matter where that wall is in the world.

100% Free. No credit card required.

Try it now. For free.

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Still not convinced?

Here are just a few more reasons Swift Galleries should be a central part of your photo business.

100% free trial

Free trials that make you give a credit card number are gross. So let's not do that. You'll get a truly free trial with full access to every feature, without ever giving us a credit card number.

Worldwide support

Canada? UK? Australia? Metric? Imperial? No matter where you live or what unit of measurement you use, Swift Galleries will work for you.

It works on everything

Want to design on your Mac laptop, display on your Windows desktop and sell from your Android tablet? Easy. Swift Galleries runs on any device, across all major operating systems and browsers, without needing to sync a thing. Because it's not 2004 anymore.

Sell all the things

Canvases? Acrylics? Metal prints? Wood? Framed Prints? Great Aunt Mae's Pencil Sketches? Design and sell it all with Swift Galleries.

Set your own prices

With Swift Galleries, we make it easy for you to charge what you're worth and to set your own prices to determine your own profits. It's your business and you're money, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Use your own labs

Want canvases from ProDPI, metal prints from Bay Photo, acrylics from Millers and hand-drawn pencil sketches from your Great Aunt Mae? Awesome. We make it simple to create your own custom products and labs.

Do you have a print lab you know and love? Great, don't even think about switching. Swift Galleries makes it absolutely painless to sell all of the wall art products you want to sell, from the labs you already work with.

Sell your own way

Want to sell online and have us deposit your money into your account? No problem. Want to sell in person and collect payments on your own? Great! We'll get out of the way and let you run your business your way.

Nothing to install

Is "tech" a four-letter word for you? Don't worry, with Swift Galleries there's nothing for you to install, no crazy steps to follow and nothing to sync. Just sign in from anywhere and you're ready to pick up where you left off. 

Take it for a spin

Jump right into the Designer and see for yourself just how simple it is. This is a live album, so you probably shouldn't order anything... unless you want photos of some random family on your wall.

show me the designer!

"What I love about the program is that I can now encourage my clients to buy large prints for their homes and serve them by showing exactly what it will look like before they even purchase anything."

- Trevor dayley,
simple tool. even simpler pricing.


or $150/year

No commissions

At Swift Galleries, we believe your money should be just that - yours. So we don't collect any commissions on your sales. You pay your flat $15/month or $150/year subscription and keep every penny of your sales. Just the way it should be.

No hidden fees

There are no catches, not gotcha's, no fine print and no hidden fees. We won't even add anything extra to your standard credit card processing fees. 

100% free trial

You can put your credit card away, you won't be needing that. Our free trial is 14 days and it's 100% free. You'll get all of the features, without even having to enter a credit card.

Instant updates

Since Swift Galleries is a web-based tool, there's nothing to install and nothing for you to have to worry about keeping up to date. Every time we push out an update, you'll get it instantly.

I'm so ready to start my free trial!
no commitments. No credit card. No, really.

Meet the team.

We get to help you put more work on more walls for a living. It's pretty awesome.

Cyrus Keck

co-founder, Code guru

As the developer for Swift Galleries, Cyrus turns all of our ideas into reality.  He builds out all of our new features, fixes buggy things and makes the tool run smoothly.  He lives in Indiana with his wife, Casey.

Chris Scott

co-founder, idea guy

Chris wears a few hats at Swift Galleries, handling product design and user experience as well as marketing and customer development. He lives in Colorado Springs with Adrienne and their two kids.

Adrienne Scott

co-founder, support maven

Adrienne is the person you’ll talk to if you need help with Swift Galleries.  When she's not handling every piece of customer support or raising two kids, she spends her time jogging, cooking and Netflix-binging after bedtime.

Need help? Just want to know where to send cookies?

Reach out, we'd love to help.

Consider it done! We'll get back to you ASAP, in the meantime, grab our Wall Art Sales Blueprint or go start your free 14-day trial!

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