Today's update brings a much-requested feature to the In-Person Sales process, a few minor feature tweaks and adjustments, along with a big bug fix for our iPad users!

  • Feature: You can now compare a series of photos while culling during an In-Person Sales meeting. Just hit the "Compare Images" button in the bottom menu, then select the images you'd like to compare and tap the "Compare" button.
  • Minor Tweak: The menu during an In-Person Sales meeting (the one that allows you to move between the title screen, slideshow, culling, compare and designer) can now be shown or hidden throughout any step in the IPS process, so you can move around freely.
  • Minor Tweak: Filenames are now shown during the slideshow, cull and compare steps during an IPS meeting.
  • Minor Tweak: Added an additional digit to the Sales Tax field so you can get 3 digits in your sales tax now.
  • Minor Tweak: Removed the film strip view of images during an IPS session (when you hit Esc), since we now have the compare images grid instead.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that made it impossible to scroll in the Designer while on an iPad. Whoops.
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