Product Review: Millers Soho Framed Prints

Product review video of Miller's Lab's Soho Framed Prints.

This is the SoHo Framed Print from Miller's Lab. They're offering a two inch thick 100% wood frame in four options. Maple and espresso which are going to have a lacquered look and black and white which are going to have a painted look. There are 20 sizes, that does refer to the print. Your frame is going to add just a little bit. You can also get these matted, so you can get a two inch mat around your print in either black or white. There are five paper options, with three coating options. Then there are also three glass options, which is one of my favorite parts about this item. You've got your traditional glass, non-glare glass and no-glass options. For me I was going with a no-glass option when I was suing a local framer because I don't like the distraction that regular glass gives with the glare from the window or the overhead light.

With Miller's non-glare glass it protects my image, but also keeps you from seeing so much of that light. I will say if I put this 90 degrees to this window here, you do pick up a little bit of that light. It's nothing compared to what a regular glass would pick up with all the detail. From a distance you don't notice the glass in this at all. Then whenever you get closer to it, it has this look where it almost looks like there a coating on it. It's this nice rich, buttery, creamy look to this image. There was a photographer here at the studio yesterday whenever I un-packaged this. She couldn't stop looking at it and then feeling of it because it's so smooth and rich looking. She wrote down all the specifications. I think we're both going to start offering this. I can't tell you how beautiful this is in person and how nice and creamy it looks. Because of that it almost feels like it makes this traditional piece of wall art a little more modern. 

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I loved that and I just love that you're not distracted from the image itself. I'll show you the side here. You've got this two inch thick frame. You have your paper backing, which is pretty common on a framed print. Your wire hanger which is going to be more sturdy for something heavier. It comes 100% ready to just pop up on the wall, which leads me to my absolute favorite part about this. I think one of the trickiest parts about offering framed prints to your clients is that you get your print, you take it to a local framer. You hope that she has what you need in stock. She frames it. You pick it up. You deliver it to your client or unfortunately if they're out of state you have to pay a lot to ship this. 

The great thing with Miller's is that they have a two to three day turn around time. Free overnight shipping and you can drop ship this to your client if that's your preference. In half a week I can have beautiful art in their hands ready to go on their wall with no extra leg work and running around for me during busy season. That is one of the main reasons, that and this beautiful non-glare glass. I will be offering this to my client. I've already ordered my frame samples to be able to show them those four options. I'll take some photos of this one. Put it up on the website, also with a review from Miller's Canvas so be on the lookout for that. 

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