Product Review: ProDPI Metal Prints

Video review of ProDPI's Metal Prints.

This is the metal print from ProDPI, and ProDPI is offering metal prints in four by six all the way up to 30 by 40, and they've got two circle sizes for you, an eight inch round, and an 11 inch round metal print. There are two finishes on their metal prints, the first being a sheer gloss, which is just your image printed directly on a sheet of aluminum, and then there is what I prefer, which is this example, the white gloss. They've just added a white layer in between this aluminum sheet and my image. I prefer that because I think the colors pop more with that white layer underneath, and then also, I think you're looking more at the image and not the aluminum brush strokes in the material it's printed on.

So that's my preference, but they've got great examples of both types on their website if you want to check that out. These metal prints come with four mounting options. For your smaller sizes, you can get a magnet mount or an easel mount, and then for all of their sizes, you can get either a foam block or the four metal standout posts, which is what this is. Both of those, the foam block and the metal standouts are going to float away from the all a little bit. With these metal posts, they send you screws, and these four posts that you just screw into the wall. And then you put your aluminum print up to that, and you screw that in here. 

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I think that the four metal posts give it a little bit more of a modern look, and I love that it floats away from the wall, so you've got your thin metal print, and you've got your standout posts that are going to make it float. They're light weight. They're water proof. They're UV protected. They're 100% recyclable. They're modern. They're sexy. They're fun. I love metal prints in anything that has more of a modern or industrial look, an office, a man cave, just a modern home. I think they're really great for showing vibrancy and color pop. If you've seen any of my other reviews or any of my images, you're going to see that I love to put images with the sun flare or back lighting onto metals and acrylics. I'll take lots of photos of this, and then we also have other reviews for ProDPI products, so be on the look out for those. 

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