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We pushed out a quick update this morning. Here's what went down:

  • Change: Updated prices to $24/month or $240/year
  • Minor Tweak: Added fancy-pants image compression and changed up some default image sizes within the app to make it nice and peppy. Shouldn't see any lag anymore when "Initializing Meeting" for IPS meetings. Wooooot!
  • Minor Tweak: Give new paid members the option to continue or end the Setup Tips when signing up.
  • Minor Tweak: Updated the way we handle discounts and coupons. Exciting stuff, no?
  • Minor Tweak: Clarified some copy in a few places. Less confusing = more awesome.
  • Minor Tweak: Adding a product to the cart doesn't send you to the cart anymore. You stay in the Designer so you can add more stuff to the cart. Yay, higher sales!
  • Minor Tweak: If we can't load an image after 10 tries, you'll get a message to reload the page. This should end the spinning circles of death.
  • Bugfix: In the Template Manager if there's only one product type, the filters now work again. Whoops.
  • Bugfix: You can now print an entire order confirmation. Blame Cyrus. Thank Adrienne.

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