Swift Galleries Demo Inspiration

Want some ideas for things to try in the Swift Galleries Demo Designer?
Here you go...
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Explore Suggested Gallery Designs

You’ll create Suggested Galleries before every sales meeting, so let’s start getting used to navigating them now.

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Change Rooms & Templates

Jump into the Rooms and Templates panels and click on any option to apply it to the wall. Yes, it’s that easy.

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Try Out Some Keyboard Shortcuts

Swift Galleries has quite a few keyboard shortcuts to make your design experience more streamlined. Download a “Cheat Sheet” of them here.

Make your first sale (before paying us a dime).

We love when Free Trial members get their first sale before they’ve even officially joined Swift Galleries! Start your 14-day free trial today – no credit card needed – so you can design galleries using your photos and your clients’ walls.

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Create Your Own Gallery From Scratch

Start by adding any product to any wall. Duplicate the product and resize it. Repeat until you have your own custom masterpiece!

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Recreate This Gallery

Up for a challenge? See how quickly you can recreate this gallery design in Swift Galleries on your own.

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Create a Wall + Tabletop Hybrid Gallery

Take your design skills up a notch by creating a hybrid design that includes both wall art and framed tabletop prints.