That Swift Galleries Update You’ve Been Hoping For…

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You asked for it...

Cyrus and I (Chris) sat down at the beginning of October to discuss what feature we wanted to add this month. Would it be realistic frames in the Designer? Maybe some efficiency updates to template management? Some nagging little bugs that needed squashing?

We couldn’t decide… so we did them all.

This month’s updates tackle the “greatest hits” of requested features and improvements. We’re thrilled about this release and we hope you are, too. 

Framed Prints just got a MAJOR update!

You’ve heard it a million times – “you have to show it to sell it”. Well, today we’re making it easier (and sexier, even) to do both with Framed Prints in Swift Galleries!

Want to show your clients exactly what that beautiful Mason frame from Farmhouse Frames will look like on their walls, with all its gorgeous grain and detail? Or just how perfectly Musea’s Madison frame embellishments will pair with their home decor? 

Now you can with Swift Galleries!

Change All Selected Products

Efficiency gets a big boost in this update, too! Instead of having to change product types individually, you can now apply changes across all selected products. Need to change an entire 9×9 grid of canvas to framed prints? No problem! As long as you have the same sizes available for both print types, you can make the switch with just a couple of clicks.

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Save to Global Templates

Ever design that **perfect** gallery during a sales meeting, only to be stuck trying to recreate the magic later because you didn’t have a way to save it? Well… no more, my friend. You can now save anything you design – whether it’s in the main designer or during a sales meeting in the IPS designer – to your globally available templates with just the click of a button.

Global Room Photos

Want to upload your own stock rooms to use with all of your clients? Now you can with our new “Global Rooms” feature! Just head into Manage > Global Rooms and upload and calibrate rooms to your hearts’ content. When you’re in the Designer, making your next masterpiece, you’ll see all of your rooms in the Rooms panel.

Add Client Images to Add-On Products

Having trouble keeping images organized for the Add On products you’re selling? No more! Now you can choose the images you want associated with each Add On product during checkout, so you never have to wonder which images to use when ordering those products (and you can stop taking so many notes during those sales meetings)!

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Add Notes to Galleries in Cart

Need to jot down a quick note about a gallery in a client’s order, but afraid you’ll lose the sticky note in the sea of stickies on your desk? We’ve got you on this one – you can now add notes to galleries (just like you can do with Add On Products) once you’ve added them to the cart. 

Drag to Resize

Is resizing products taking too many clicks? We’ve brought back an old friend to fix that for you. This update reintroduces drag-to-resize in the Designer. Just hit the resize button (or the “r” key on your keyboard) and drag through all of your available sizes. The sizes will update in the left panel so you always know which size you’ve selected. Oh, and if you prefer the click-based approach, you can still do that, too.

Template Details in Designer

We’ve all been there. You have two dozen templates in your account and you kinda don’t know which one is which. Now you can just click on the template and choose “View Details” to get a quick peek at all the important details of a template, without having to apply it to the wall first.

Save Suggested Galleries During a Sales Meeting

This is not actually a new feature, we’ve had it for quite a while but no one seems to know that so I’m adding it to the list here. Did you know that you can save different gallery ideas as suggestions while you’re in a Sales Meeting? Just click into the Suggestions panel and click the Save

Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Here’s the less-exciting stuff we released in these updates – just some small improvements and bug fixes.

Huge thanks to our CTO Cyrus for all the time and energy he poured into getting so many new features out the door this month! We’re excited for you to go play with these new features and, more importantly, for these new features to play a big role in continuing to grow your business.

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