Everything you need to switch to in-person sales

In-Person Sales tools, training and community so you can sell your work (without selling your soul).

No credit card, no commitment (no, really).

Kate Brent
Kate BrentSouthaven, MS
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Kate made enough in her first sale to cover 13 years of her membership.
Elizabeth Schneider
Elizabeth SchneiderHouston, TX
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Elizabeth made more in her first 3 months with Swift Galleries than she made the entire previous year.
Kelly Jones
Kelly JonesNaples, FL
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Kelly made $14,000 in a single sale (followed by a $9,000 sale two days later).
Wendy Sorensen
Wendy SorensenUrbandale, IA
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Wendy got her highest sale since starting in 2015 selling remotely with Swift Galleries during the coronavirus pandemic.
Amanda Waltman Vandermeer
Amanda Waltman VandermeerSeattle, WA
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Amanda took her sales averages from $150 to $1500 per session with Swift Galleries.
Jessie Wyman
Jessie WymanWakefield, MA
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Jessie sold $2,200 in wall art to clients who already had all their files.
Rachel Griffin
Rachel GriffinOklahoma City, OK
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Rachel sold a 20x60 canvas in her very first virtual sales meeting with Swift Galleries.
Izzy Hudgins
Izzy HudginsAthens, GA
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Izzy's first four print sales ever brought in $5,500.
Swaroopa Saripalli
Swaroopa SaripalliCollege Station, TX
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Swaroopa had her best month ever - $6900 - selling remotely during the coronavirus lockdown.
Kaitlin Roten
Kaitlin RotenMerritt Island, FL
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Kaitlin made 3 times more in her first 2 months with Swift Galleries than she made in the entire previous year.
Tania Gaylor
Tania GaylorAdelaide, South Australia
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On hitting $100,000 in print sales since leaving Shoot & Burn: "No kidding... Swift Galleries has changed my life."

Free 14-Day Trial, No Credit Card Needed.

The Swift Galleries "Secret Sauce"

In-Person Sales Tools, Training & Accountability.

It’s time to stop duct-taping your business together with education from one place, tools from another and an occasional check-in with mom to keep you accountable. 

When switching to In-Person Sales, you need to know that everything you’re learning will work seamlessly with the tools you’re using. And when you hit a snag (and you will), you’ll need peers you can count on and a company behind you that has your back. That’s Swift Galleries.

Don’t know how to sell yet?
We’ve got you covered. It’s all included.

Need the tools to support your sales knowledge?
Check. You’ll get that, too.

Want to know you’re not alone all along the way?
That’s our thing.

The Swift Galleries Resource Vault

We'll teach you how to sell your work (without selling your soul).

Never sold a single product before? Don’t worry, as the only dedicated “Shoot & Burn to IPS” experts in the industry, this is literally what we do here at Swift Galleries.

The resources in The Vault will walk you step-by-step from “I have no clue what to even offer” to consistently hitting and exceeding your sales goals while turning clients into raving fans.

(And access to The Vault is included with your Swift Galleries membership.)

Shoot & Burned Out?

Swift Galleries Is How "Shoot & Burn" Photographers Switch To In-Person Sales

Our numbers back it up – Swift Galleries is incredibly easy to use, unbelievably profitable and the team has your back when you need them.

Ease of Use Rating
Out of 5
Average ROI In A Single Sale

The current Swift Galleries average sale is enough to cover more than 4 years of your membership.

Customer Service Rating
Out of 5

"Swift Galleries has definitely made a huge difference to my sales process. I wouldn't be without it. Customer support is very personable. They are real people, not a faceless corporation. Keep doing awesome job folks!"

- Marla W.

Easy Wall Art Gallery Designer

Perfectly-Sized Gallery Walls, Designed in Seconds.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to go from a blank wall to a fully-designed 3-piece gallery wall, shown at exactly the right size, in less than one minute.

Allie Siarto
Allie Siarto

"If you're not using Swift Galleries, you're not just missing out on print sale opportunities, you're also missing out on an opportunity to create an exceptional client experience that will give you an edge over other photographers."

Room Photos

Your Photos, On Your Clients' Walls, At The Right Size.

Upload and calibrate your clients’ room photos with just a few clicks to show their photos on their own walls at exactly the right size. Don’t have a room photo from your client? No problem – just use any of our 50 included (and beautiful) room photos without paying a penny extra for more rooms.

Amanda Godlove
Amanda Godlove

"My bride just gave the best feedback; while writing checks for $3,300 she said 'Being able to see it makes it so much easier to spend this much money!' If you're on the fence about Swift Galleries, just do it!"

In Person Sales Photography Software
Wall art products

Pick A Product, Any Product.

Whether you prefer classic canvases and framed prints or the latest trendy wood, circle or acrylic prints – if it goes on the wall, Swift Galleries can help you sell it.

Print lab partners

Yep, we support Your print lab.

From the top pro print labs in the world to the printer in your basement – no matter where you print it, Swift Galleries will help you sell it.

In-Person Photography Sales Software

Point & Click Your Way Through Our Proven 6-Figure Sales Flow.

Ready to sell all of those stunning photos of yours? From slideshow to checkout, Swift Galleries will walk you step-by-step through a sales workflow proven to increase your sales whether you sell in-person or remotely.

Kate Brent
Kate Brent

“… I took the leap and sold my FIRST gallery wall with the first client I offered it to. I thought I was going to die as the price came out of my mouth ($2500) and they didn’t even blink!! I’ve never been more excited. I joined SATURDAY and 4 days later it’s paid for itself!”

All your DEVICES, no license fees

Yeah... it'll work on your device.

Design on your iMac, sell from your Android tablet and check your stats from your Windows phone. Swift Galleries just works – across all of your devices and all major operating systems with nothing to install, free automatic updates, no additional licenses to purchase and every feature available to you at every membership level.

What's Better than a Money-Back Guarantee?

10x Return On Investment Guarantee.

Yeah, you read that right. Put Swift Galleries to work. If you haven’t 10x’d your investment in your first year, we’ll give you your money back or give you a free 1-on-1 coaching call worth $500.

Swift Galleries Success Stories

Photographers just like you – single moms, weekend warriors, “recovering shoot and burners”, part-timers – are using Swift Galleries to buy houses, pay off debts, quit their jobs, follow their passions and, best of all, serve their clients better while still having time for their families.

Kelly Went From a Borrowed Laptop to a $14,000 Sale.

Kelly Jones
Portrait Photographer, Naples, FL

Kelly borrowed her dads laptop for her very first sales meeting. Now she averages more than $3,000 per session, with her highest sale coming in at $14,000 (followed by a $9,000 sale just two days later).

Kaitlin Went From "I Can't Afford to Fix My Camera" to 10x-ing Her Annual Revenue, While Cutting Her Working Hours In Half.

Kaitlin Roten
Portrait Photographer, Merritt Island, FL

“I was practically at rock bottom (professionally speaking) when I was introduced to Swift Galleries. I was thinking I was going to have to go back to teaching in order to provide for my family. You guys have given me the tools to legitimately have a “work at home profession” and be there for my family – which was what my goal was all along. I’ve done countless webinars and followed so many photographers to try to get THE SECRETS to having a profitable photography business – but now??? I’m that photographer. So thank you!!!”

Elizabeth Made More in Her First 3 Months Than She Had in the Entire Previous Year.

Elizabeth Schneider
Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Houston, TX

Elizabeth credits Swift Galleries with taking her from “just another photographer” in her crowded market to one of the premiere, high-end studios in Houston.

Rachel went from "button pusher" to "trusted advisor".

Rachel Linkwald
Portrait Photographer, Atlanta, GA

“I took this leap new year of 2019, and thought I’d lose all my clients. Instead, my clients rave about how I value quality over quantity, and take care of them through to completion. I had a client last week place a $4000 order.”

Kate sold $2500 in prints, 4 days after joining Swift Galleries (to the very first client she offered prints to).

Kate Brent
Portrait Photographer, Southaven, MS

Kate’s very first print sale ever was enough to cover 13 years of her Swift Galleries membership.

Marc S.
Capterra Review
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What I love about the product overall is that they are vested in my learning and growth. They want me to succeed and have created an entire suite of products to help increase the likelihood of success. Love it!! I love the ease of use and the ability to share what images will look like on my clients walls. It makes IPS so much easier.
Laura G.
Capterra Review
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The interface is super simple and intuitive to use. Few clicks and you know exactly where you are or where you need to go to find your way around the software. Things don't need to be complicated to WORK!
Kandyce H.
Capterra Review
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Swift Galleries is the only thing about my business that I have kept around since the start. So far it's an irreplaceable tool. Affordable and pays for itself so quickly! Just sign up already!
Shannon R.
Capterra Review
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I love that the Owners are involved and continuously strive to make it better and address their clients feedback. I also love that if you have a question, they are prompt in answering it and will work with you until you have it down.
Brittany L.
Capterra Review
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Swift Galleries is a powerful tool that is not only empowering In Person Sales for my business but also improving my capacity for business which means increasing income via sales and by volume of clients too!
Jennifer S.
Capterra Review
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I have been using Swift Galleries for years and my clients really love it. It gets the job done, is easy and has all the needed functions for a smooth selling process. I love Swift Galleries!
"Swift Galleries turned my business around after the pandemic; from a $20k deficit from wedding cancellations to ending as my best year ever."
- Izzy H.
Tommy J.
Capterra Review
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The sky is the limit with Swift Galleries! What sets them apart isn't only how carefully designed and well executed everything is, but holy cow, the customer service!
Nicole H.
Capterra Review
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Seeing sample products is great, but showing [clients] what they could look like in real time is such a game changer. Not only has Swift Galleries been easy to learn, it has given me a new confidence in my work. Proving that my work deserves to live on the walls of my clients home.
Marla W.
Capterra Review
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Swift Galleries has definitely made a huge difference to my sales process. I wouldn't be without it. Customer support is very personable also, they are real people, not a faceless corporation. Keep doing awesome job folks!
Jessica D.
Capterra Review
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My overall experience with Swift Galleries has been phenomenal! They've saved sales for me, helped create countless new sales, instill confidence in myself and what I do, helped me with selling and business tips ... and have been an integral part of my business as a whole.
Kaitlin R.
Capterra Review
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This software has changed my life. Seriously. Gone are the days that I feel like I'm not good enough. Using this software has made me THE professional to my clients. It's also given me a larger purpose to my business. This has been hands down the best thing I've EVER done as a photographer for my business.
Kristianna P.
Capterra Review
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Before utilizing Swift Galleries I almost never sold wall sized pieces, and never a full collection. Now, almost every client purchases multiple large pieces, and my average sale has tripled. I paid for a year's subscription the very first client meeting that I used the design software.

(... and 100+ more where those came from.)

Questions Photographers Ask Before Joining Swift Galleries

Swift Galleries is a web-based wall art design and in-person sales tool.

The Designer allows you to show your clients exactly what their photos will look like on their own walls, at the right size.

The IPS Flow will walk you step-by-step through our proven 6-figure sales meeting; from slideshow, culling, comparing similar images, selling wall art, selling other products (like albums, books and accessories) through the entire checkout flow - all in one tool.

Want to give it a spin? Start a free trial here, no credit card required.

Nope. You can get started right away with full access to every single feature for your 14 day trial.

Nope. You'll keep the price you signed up at for as long as you keep your account open.

If you already know you're not feelin' Swift Galleries before your first month is up, just let us know and we'll give you a refund.


But we (reeeeeally) want to see you succeed, so we also have a 10x ROI Guarantee.


Basically, we guarantee you'll make at least 10x what you spend on Swift Galleries within your first year or we'll give you your money back. You can also choose to get a $500 1-on-1 coaching call, instead.


Note: This isn't a free pass to sign up and not do anything, expecting to just get your money back. We'll bend over backward for those who work hard, so put Swift Galleries to use in your business and know that if it truly doesn't work for you, we've got your back.

Probably. If you're using a modern browser on a desktop or laptop (we recommend Chrome, FWIW) or a modern tablet, you should be good to go. The Designer experience is not great on a phone screen because it's so small, so we recommend not even trying that. Switch to a bigger screen for more "wow" factor and watch your sales soar. 🙂

Yes! (With one caveat.) We have members from all around the world doing incredibly well with Swift Galleries. So, yes, this will work for you!


That said, the only feature you won't be able to access if you're not a US resident is our payment processing. International tax law is a nightmare, so payment processing is currently only available to US residents.


This doesn't mean you can't use our checkout - you'll have the option to collect payments manually through whatever payment processor you prefer (Square, PayPal, Venmo, etc.). Everything else works exactly the same for you.

Swift Galleries is right for you if you want:

  1. An easy-to-use design and sales tool.
  2. Help with implementing the right processes in your business to see a quick return on your investment.
  3. A team that has your back when you need them.

If you are a photographer and you want to serve your clients better by helping them actually do something with the images you create for them, then Swift Galleries is right for you.

Swift Accountability Groups (SwAGs) are member-facilitated groups of 4-5 photographers. Groups meet on their own schedules and their own terms with the common goal of supporting each other, growing together and creating lifelong relationships that extend far beyond our businesses.


Access to a SwAG is included with every Swift Galleries membership.

Maybe? But if we don't, you can add their products to your account in just a few minutes, easy-peasy.

Yes, you will need an internet connection to use Swift Galleries. This is likely not an issue in your own studio or sales space, but if you do on-location sales meetings you'll want to jump onto your clients' wifi or bring your own wifi hotspot.

No problem, we're happy to help! You can reach out to us through the little messenger bubble thingy at the bottom right of this page or you can schedule a 1-on-1 demo so we can show you around Swift Galleries and answer any questions you have in realtime. 

Meet The Founders

Well Hello There! We're Adrienne & Chris Scott.

We’re parents, best friends, photographers, nomads and print sales experts, specializing in helping Shoot & Burn photographers make the switch to selling printed products. Our images, photography sales tools and photography sales training have been featured by Rangefinder Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, CreativeLive, Click Magazine, SLR Lounge and countless blogs, print labs and podcasts. We live, learn and work from the road somewhere in North America as fulltime RVers with our 2 kids.

Photo: Ashlie Nicole Photography

A Note from Chris & Adrienne:
As a fully bootstrapped (self-funded) company, we answer only to you, our members, not to investors or corporate interests. We are only successful when you are successful, so never hesitate to reach out if you need help (or if you just want to say "hi").

- Chris & Adrienne

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Behind the Scenes of a Real In-Person Sales Meeting

See what IPS looks like in the real world in this $1700 virtual sales meeting.