The Thrive Community

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Swift Galleries membership means never feeling like you’re on your own to figure everything out.

The Thrive Community

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The Thrive Community by Swift Galleries is your safe space to share your goals, celebrate milestones, and get constructive feedback to drive your business forward.

The Thrive Community

Great customer service is just the beginning.

What do you call 1-on-1, on-demand access to a founding team member or owner of the software, courses and services you use? 

We’re not sure either, but “customer service” sure as heck doesn’t begin to cover it.

We’re here, on-demand and 1-on-1 for:

Did you know?

Being an active member of an accountability group increases your odds of success to 95%.*

With odds like that, we couldn’t pass up adding small group accountability to every Swift Galleries membership!


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The Swift Galleries Mentor Network

With a combined 30-ish years in the photography industry, our team has built quite the network of experts. And now, our network is your network. From our personal ads expert, to our social media manager and the first person we call with marketing questions, we’re opening our rolodex to connect you with our favorite mentors around.

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